Bank holiday 'test kitchen' Cotswolds

The whole of West London was battling to get out of the house through the seas of revellers, Soca music and Caribbean food. We, on the other hand, decided to head off to the countryside armed with a smoking box, a variety of meats and fish and a keen sense of adventure.

Saturday consisted of sweet-curing a side of organic salmon in Himalayan Salt and Acacia Honey ready for smoking on Monday. Taking some inspiration from Hemsley & Hemsley's new book The Art of Eating Well we made a rather potent batch of Kale pesto then soaked our nuts and seeds to be ready for the following day. We half-filled a terracotta bowl with 500g of raw almonds and enough water to cover and left to soak over night. Next we filled a larger pan with 750g of Mung beans and 2 litres of water, you'd be surprised how much they absorb!

Now was time to try out our new multi purpose pink kitchen block. Acquired on the way from a great little spice shop in Notting Hill, the Himalayan Salt Slab can be heated to 700C or chilled to -120C. This range is amazing giving such variety of uses, from serving ice cream to searing fish or cooking a steak. You can use two slabs at the same time to cure a side of fish... it would've been great if we'd found that out before hand. Oh and not forgetting our other new toy… a Spiralizer! How did we ever live without the power to turn any root vegetable into a 20m long pile of spaghetti..?

Employing our new arsenal of kitchen gadgetry for dinner we made a salt slab seared organic salmon with raw kale pesto and raw courgettini.