Sunday Farmers Market

Queens Park in West London boasts one of the best metropolitan Farmers Markets in London. Voted best Farmers market in UK 2012, they have a continuous fayre of organic fruit and veg and meats as well as rare breed and heritage varieties.

We make it a weekly jaunt or sometimes more if in need of some extras for an event. The market moves to Bloomsbury on Wednesdays and West Hampstead on a Saturday. So with a little planning and small bit of travel we are never without our favourites.

They also have an amazing coffee stall that also happens to sell cheese. Somewhat confusing at first but the milk for the coffee and the milk for the cheese come from the same place. So  perhaps not that illogical after all…

The organic salad stall is a must, a cornucopia of different sized and coloured courgettes, boxes of fresh chervil, amaranth and rocket.