Waldorf Project Chapter 3 - Futuro

Its SHOWTIME! Tonight is the realisation of 6 weeks hard work. Its been a journey of discovery and wonder. I have been spending up to 20 hours a day in the lab and kitchen with the inimitable Max Chater liquid designer / mixologist and the uber talented molecular chef Max Castaldo. We have been infusing, distilling, whipping and filtering a multitude of essences, alcohols and hydrosols to create the menu for this weeks Futuro Experimental Research Laboratory

Chapter Three/FUTURO is inspired by the round, prefabricated flying saucer-shaped house “Futuro” designed by Matti Suuronenn in the late 1960s. This house and many other ideas from that time dreamed a vision of a utopian society that is lost to us now - replaced by a gloomier, dystopian image of the future. Waldorf Project will bring back these incredible ideas, creating a distilled interpretation of these concepts in a minimal yet radical performance. As with previous chapters, all disciplines will be engaged and synchronized: from the visionary set and product design through gastronomy to light and sound. Everything will be thought through and interwoven to give the guests a complete emotional journey to the future.

EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORY The full Chapter Three performance will be taking place in early 2016. As with Waldorf Project’s Chapter Two/COLOUR, the concepts that will be explored in Chapter Three/FUTURO are so ambitious that a preliminary “Experimental Research Laboratory” is being staged. This will be an opportunity to explore and test out the ideas in a more intimate setting while still creating a stand-alone experience.

Justin Horne